Listen to the Magic of Lubbock


Links to the official Youtube channels
featuring the variety and scope of Jeremy's
orchestral arrangements on these and countless other artists

Celine Dion
"When I Fall In Love"
Sleepless in Seattle
"This Used To Be My Playground"
Barbra Streisand
Kenny Rogers
"What About Me"
Al Jarreau
"Not Like This"
composed by
Jeremy Lubbock
Disney's theme from
"I'll Go The Distance"
Luther Vandross
"Endless Love"
Chris Botti & Lucia Micarelli
Chaka Kahn
"My Funny Valentine"
Waiting to Exhale
Whitney Houston

Waiting to Exhale
Toni Braxton
"How Could An Angel
Break My Heart"
Michael Jackson
"Heaven Can Wait"
Celine Dion & Frank Sinatra
"All The Way"
P Diddy f/Jimmy Page
"Come With Me"
Coenie de Villiers

Original Work


by Jeremy Lubbock

1. Awakening
2. Sing Thee To Thy Rest
3. lullaby
4. wings of love
5. crown of roses
6. londonderry
7. how shall love be spoken?
8. communion
9. cry no more
10. the ballet
11. not like this
12. song of promises
14. how many lives to go?
15. inner sanctum

The London Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by John Lubbock

"This album is dedicated to the spirit of all those who see the world, for all its corruption and cruelty, as beautiful and full of promise"
-Jeremy Lubbock -

Moments in an extraordinary life...